Website update!

After a very long silence indeed I’ve updated this website! Most excitingly, it includes a new ‘Painting and Collage’ section, and ‘Other Artefacts’ has turned into ‘Bookbinding’. The ‘Cat’ section has changed too, to reflect the very sad fact of Smokey’s death in December 2020 – and the much happier fact of Tirzah’s arrival the following November.

Those of you who have completely despaired of this site – or possibly forgotten that you were following it at all – I Will Do Better. And I am a lot more visible on Instagram, as

2 thoughts on “Website update!

  1. Delighted to hear that, Jane, and also of the arrival of Tirzah! (I don’t follow Instagram.) Still mourning the loss of Smokey, I am sure, just as we are of our Poppy last summer. Laura Allan (and the Jinglekitties – Xanakis, Pippin, and the newest arrival, from the Oxford Canal towpath, Emiko)


  2. Looking forward to new posts! Glad to know you are OK! x k


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