About Poet & Cat

Poet & Cat showcases jewellery and other artefacts made by way of escape from my daily work with words.

My jewellery is mainly sterling silver and copper; it includes semi-precious stones as well as china and sea-glass collected from beaches in Cornwall and polished in the studio. All siver pieces are hall-marked.

The sea and its shore are particularly strong influences; copper pieces have the weathered look of treasure trove, while many of the silver pieces play with the contrast between precious metal and found object. Another important influence is my original training as a bookbinder, which shows most obviously in the use of leather and gold-tooling in rings, pendants and earrings, but also in some experiments with form.

It’s because I want to take those experiments further, and explore ways of combining metalwork, book arts and writing that you’re reading this under the heading Poet & Cat, rather than something straightforward like Jane Griffiths Jewellery. (As Gwendolen says in The Importance of Being Earnest, ‘I intend to develop in a great many directions.’) And of course it’s also in homage to Smokey of the home page.





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